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Codes and standards

We offer a range of solutions for ensuring compliance with various codes and regulations, including accessibility, vandal resistance, and operation during a fire. All our elevators fulfill the EN81-1:1998 safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators.

Code-compliant elevator solutions


The EN81-70 standard defines car size and interior accessories that facilitate access for people using wheelchairs and walking aids. EN81-70 compliance is available for KONE EcoSpace, MonoSpace 500, MonoSpace 700, and MiniSpace elevators.

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EN81-71 compliance is available to protect KONE MonoSpace 500 and KONE MonoSpace 700 elevators in buildings subject to vandalism. Vandal resistant solutions include materials and accessories that are durable, have limited flammability and that are water resistant.

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EN81-72 compliant firefighter elevators feature trap doors and ladders for rescue operations. Electrical components in the shaft and on the car are protected against splashing water. This solution is available for KONE MonoSpace 500 and MonoSpace 700.

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